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  Origin and history of the breed.
          Varieties, lychee Amarin is a perennial. Select from the owner of the two species since 2546 by lychee trees of mango orchards grown Chong Chong Pong Ta Long, which has an elevation of 500 meters above sea level. In the last two years has grown the species is found growing well. Resistant to various pests in the garden, lychee, mango, 3 years after planting, about 2 kg per plant in the area planted to grow up litchi lychee calligraphy since the age of 5-6 years from 1 200. tree year 1000 is planned to be added. Lychee cultivation area increased significantly.
  Special Features.
         Flowering to fruit set. Despite the cold temperature, 20-25 ? C for 4-5 days, they just start flowering throughout the growing body tight wet despite the rain during harvest.
  How to grow
Use a growing range of 6x6 meters (1 acre = 35 trees). This species is found growing very lychee flowering starts in November. fertilizer foliar spray in combination with hormone during August-September, about 3 times.
soil fertilizer formula 8-24-24 in the early age of 1-3 years.
Fertilizing the soil the emphasis in bold formula(Nitrogen) in the early of 4 years
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